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Elegant michael kors,noble michael kors handbags, michael kors bags Of the atmosphere and cheap michael kors bags.Su Ningyun Meng Xiangsheng, vice President, said cloud, new model and new organization puts forward higher requirements to suning talent team, the spring recruitment for e-commerce operation, development of IT technology, commercial plaza management, new category four professional talents introduction of nearly 800 people, in order to better promote Su Ningxin business and new areas of michael kors handbags.

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We a big advertisement appeared in places such as Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou each big mainstream media, caused wide public concern. Are different from before, the recruitment post is mainly geared to the needs of high-level, surrounding michael kors cloud business issued by the new model, a new organization. 4

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In the "public welfare ceremony" on the same day, suning has donated 20.45 million yuan, including 20 million claimed the fuzhou nest "action", Hohhot team evergreen students and related education projects like two big good wishes; At the same time as "brother and sister take charge of" Fan Linjin Fan Linxiu michael kors bags, 200000, for the treatment of their mother. And to the "single parent" b: Lin Juan donated 250000 autistic children, for children 10 years of special education fund. Su Ningyi purchase also whole journey to participate in the activities of the "dream chorus" in the second quarter, as music dream fund sponsors, music dream fund<>michael kors outlet<>for the winner of each round.

We vice chairman of the board of directors Sun Weimin at the scene said: "an autistic child, may they in interpersonal interaction is not very good at it, but if you give them the proper inspiration, may have different cheap michael kors bags in other ways. We hope that with our meager strength, can give the mother is the greatest comfort."

Last week, suning "+ electricity + retail shop dealers" cloud business mode, suning has carried on the comprehensive to organizational structure adjustment, on the one hand specialized, vertical division of labor is more clear, on the other hand, su ning also add 16 districts and hundred city terminal, management and organizational structure of expansion needs more talents to join. And, more importantly, suning new business areas has given rise to the massive demand for talent recruitment, this recruitment michael kors bags from can be seen that the recruitment is mainly geared to the needs of e-commerce operation, development of IT technology, commercial plaza, new category management professionals, the four categories. These merge with suning to strengthen online, develops the content of physical commodities, goods, services, products consistent business strategy.Learned, suning overall recruitment around the new organization in each department carries on the elaboration, such as in the two big open platform management headquarters, and cloud services division hiring about 200 people. The recruiter formichael kors outletlevel above senior management cadres, they will be responsible for all departments and the center of the work, predictably, this batch of society mature talent introduction will further optimize the structure of talent of suning, perfecting the management team, to play a crucial role in the development of new business. In su ning, in fact, department stores, cheap michael kors bags necessities such as new products development and e-commerce in the process of rapid development, has a large number of introducing social maturity talent, they promote the implementation of the strategy of the Su Ningxin, also in suning to gain greater development platform.

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