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beats by dre headset is recently very popular style, today we will take you to learn under the cheap beats by dre by dre uk made of metal ear design, good sound insulation.The headset iBeats words up with laser printing,dr dre beatss the logo using two-color resin embedded in the ear shell.The handle part of the headset is used elastic rubber handle end of a metal ring, can better protect the headphone cable, the workmanship is very fine.

beats by dre uk headphones with 3.5mm plug, the middle of the wire headset is connected / linked to the phone and play pause button, or so songs fast forward and backward;The back of the line control is very simple, only a microphone, sound hole with a filter device, to avoid debris into the impact voice quality.The iBeats headphones bass is very powerful, IF general, high-frequency perfectly clear, literally you can see, this headset is particularly suitable for listening to a strong rhythmic pop music.

beats by dre: good charity and good headphones is equally important!4

When you are walking into a store in a festival atmosphere, carefully selected to design a stylish and high performance headphones, you may buy for yourself, it may be to send a friend a gift, but the magic sound of the company gives you another possibility,bought the headset at the same time, the money donated to a group of people in need.Around Christmas, initiated by the magic sound of a charitable activities funded veterans in the United States by the partners and fans in hot pursuit of the magic sound, setting off a caring community, the society's warm in this cold winter.

According to reports, this donation is co-sponsored by beats uk, the the Viacom Entertainment Company, and the United States SPIKE TV stations.Previously, the station is a file named "hire veterans" program has been widespread concern in society, aims to find a new job within the community through the television media platform to help those veterans returning from overseas, "Hero continueshave its uses. "By this time coincides with the magic sound beats by dre Company and Viacom Entertainment Company jointly issued a new headset called cheap beats by dre for this program, in order to express the respect of the veterans and support social and charitable work, the magic sound designed aspecial Edition headphones - camouflage dr dre beats, and decided to all sales of the headset as the money donated to this program to help these veterans find a new job.